Podpora budúcnosti robotiky v podobe novej investície do spoločnosti Spinbotics


Venture to Future Fund has finalized an investment in the Slovak company Spinbotics, which develops and manufactures modular robotic systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

A Modular Revolution in Robotics

Spinbotics designs and creates universally reconfigurable robotic systems (SpinBOT Kit) with intelligent motion (DriveBOT). Both hardware components are supported by smart software solutions provided through a robotic application, allowing easy control and programming of the robots even for less experienced users.

Spinbotics stands out from the competition with its unique modular technology. This technology allows robots to be assembled from various modules, each with a specific function. This concept enables the creation of a robot tailored to the specific needs of a task, whether it involves material handling, quality control, or automation of manufacturing processes.

The company is also preparing to launch adaptable robotic workers aimed at increasing production capacity and addressing labor shortages in small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. The company has designed and created the components for its robots, making the product unique, scalable, and easily replaceable. The entire solution stems from its own R&D activities and relies on modular technology instead of conventional robotic arms. It is an innovative concept of a mechatronic structure and a new generation of components for constructing robotic technology.

At Venture to Future Fund, we are convinced that Spinbotics has the potential to transform industrial automation and bring a revolution to various sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

About Spinbotics

Spinbotics is a Slovak company based in Košice, pioneering automation for small and medium-sized manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises. It offers proprietary products and services in comprehensive hardware, software, and services for manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries across the EU.

About Venture to Future Fund (VFF)

VFF is the result of a joint initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic through Slovak Investment Holding. It is the first venture fund of its kind in the CEE region to receive capital from the EIB. The fund's mission is to support innovative Slovak companies with the potential to become leaders in their segment and expand into new markets.