Slovenský startup Powerful Medical mení svet kardiodiagnostiky


Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death worldwide. This fact is behind the creation of the Slovak startup Powerful Medical, which developed a digital tool operating on the basis of artificial intelligence called PMcardio.

The goal of this groundbreaking technological solution is early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases through detailed analysis and comprehensive evaluation of electrocardiogram (ECG) results. The algorithms of this medical tool work on the basis of machine learning, which means that the application is constantly improving in the interpretation of ECG results, thanks to which doctors can detect, for example, the risk of a heart attack several times more accurately.

"We first digitize the ECG data, and then our artificial intelligence analyzes them in detail. It uses knowledge from a million ECG records and patient results. For comparison, an experienced doctor who sees from 10 to 20 ECG records per day would need a few lifetimes to achieve a similar number. Our clinical trials have shown that our PMcardio application is significantly more accurate in evaluating ECG recordings than first-contact medical professionals."  Michal Martoňák, head of the Powerful Medical data department.

We supported Powerful Medical with investment in June 2022 together with investors CB ESPRI Impact One, bpd partners and several angel investors from the Slovak startup environment. In total, the company managed to get an investment of EUR 6.2 million. "Since we are a Slovak company, we are very happy that support has also come from Slovakia, for example from funds such as the Venture to Future Fund, and the money from this investment will be used for further growth of the company and other innovations. We are already working on products that will enable doctors to diagnose diseases that they still cannot diagnose today, and at the same time we are also working on products that can bring this technology closer to the patients themselves, for example by allowing them to monitor their health at home," said Martin Herman, CEO of Powerful Medical.

You can learn about what led to the development of the PMcardio application, what its goal is, what the company's further growth plans are, and why it is a breakthrough solution in the TA3 TV television broadcast: