Slovenský startup Vestberry mieri vďaka podpore investorov na americký trh


Bratislava, Slovakia – May 23, 2024 - Venture to Future Fund is pleased to announce the closing of a Series A funding round of 1 million EUR in collaboration with Slovenská sporiteľňa's Seed Starter, aimed at supporting the global growth of the dynamic Slovak startup, Vestberry.

Vestberry is currently one of the fastest-growing Slovak fintech startups, employing approximately 30 people. Its platform manages investments totaling over 20 billion EUR for clients, including notable names such as the European Investment Bank, Commerzbank, and Atomico. Initially fueled by angel investors like Martin Hauge, one of Spotify's first investors, Vestberry has also gained the trust of domestic investors such as František Krivda, Andrej Kiska Jr., and Ján Kmeťko. This year, the startup has built on this support with the strategic investments from Seed Starter Slovenská sporiteľňa and Venture to Future Fund.

From Excel to High-Tech Solutions

Founded in 2018 by Marek Zámečník, Ján Káčer, and Matej Pavlanský, Vestberry aims to modernize the technological infrastructure for investment funds. Their solution not only replaces but significantly accelerates and streamlines outdated processes and analyses traditionally done in Excel. "Our own experiences inspired us. We decided to create a solution that automates the management of investment funds, thus enhancing productivity and greatly improving the speed and quality of strategic investment decisions," explains Marek Zámečník, CEO and co-founder of Vestberry. "In the venture capital and private equity sectors, where we operate, strong references are the key to growth. This new investment round, supported by our strong partners Seed Starter Slovenská sporiteľňa and Venture to Future Fund, will significantly aid our scaling efforts," adds Zámečník.

"As an investment fund, we understand that data and efficient portfolio management are crucial for informed decisions. Vestberry impressed us not only with its innovative approach and experienced team but also with the credibility they have established with renowned partners like Atomico and the European Investment Fund," states Miriama Hanout, board member of Venture to Future Fund.

From Bratislava to the USA – Investment in Expansion

Operating out of Bratislava, Vestberry's platform is primarily used by international clients, mainly in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. The new investment will enable further expansion.  "The USA is the cradle of venture capital funds, making it a natural next step for us. We already have our first clients there and are building the Vestberry brand through references and marketing activities across the ocean," confirms Marek Zámečník. "However, business in the USA cannot be built remotely. Since March, we have had two employees on the ground there preparing the business infrastructure and seeking strategic partners. While we serve our European clients remotely from Bratislava, it is crucial to have a presence in the USA," he adds.

About Vestberry

Vestberry is a fintech startup founded in 2018, providing modern technological solutions for investment fund management. Its platform enhances and automates processes, significantly boosting productivity and the quality of investment decisions. Through Vestberry's platform, customers manage investments totaling over 20 billion EUR.

About Venture to Future Fund 

Venture to Future Fund supports Slovak and European technology companies with the potential for global success. The fund's capital is primarily used for financing growth and expansion, whether through market entry, product enhancement, new market segments, or increasing market share. Founded in 2019, the fund is a joint initiative of the European Investment Bank and the Slovak Ministry of Finance through Slovak Investment Holding. It is the first venture fund of its kind in the CEE region to receive capital from the EIB.