SuperScale získal 5 miliónov € v investičnom kole série A a pokračuje vo svojej misii – pomáhať tvorcom hier rásť


London, Bratislava June 27, 2023 – SuperScale, which is in the gaming business with the aim of maximizing the profit of mobile game creators, has received an investment of €5 million in a Series A investment round. This amount will allow the company to expand into new markets with its unique technology increasing profitability of gaming companies.

Founded in 2015, SuperScale offers a comprehensive solution that includes a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and the services necessary to publish and manage games in order to identify and maximize their commercial potential. The company has cooperated with such names as the game giants Electronic Arts (EA) and Zynga, the most popular manufacturer of building blocks LEGO, or the creators of mobile games Fingersoft and Big Fish Games.

"For nearly 10 years, SuperScale has been recognized for its unique mix of technologies and services that have helped gaming companies repeatedly achieve record profits. We believe that any good game could be more commercially successful if it were better optimized. However, no game developer or publisher has enough internal capacity for that. Our technology makes it possible to effectively identify and achieve dozens of improvements in the business model of the game, which together will result in significant growth in sales and profitability. Thanks to our solution based on a share of the jointly achieved profit, we are a partner for our clients, not a cost. As 2023 makes it more challenging than ever for businesses to scale their games, and at the same time costs are being cut significantly, it's time to make our platform and solutions available to a wider segment of the market to support even more game creators on their journey to success. This investment recognizes the hard work that our team has done and will help us achieve ambitious goals associated with the rapid growth of SuperScale and our clients," said Ivan Trančík, founder and CEO of SuperScale.

The Series A investment round was led by the Venture to Future Fund, which focuses on investments in innovative Slovak companies with the potential to break through on a global scale. In addition to VFF, Across Private Investments and Zero One Hundred also participated in the investment.



This is the first significant investment for SuperScale, before which the company went through a smaller investment round in 2020. The company is growing successfully and today has around 70 employees (double compared to 2019) in branches in Bratislava (HQ), London and from this year also in Gdansk. It has also been ranked several times among the fastest growing tech companies in the Central European region according to Deloitte. Significant growth of the company was also helped by changes in the game business, after Apple introduced its new rules regarding privacy protection in 2021 and subsequently also measures related to covid, where, despite the general slowdown in the growth of the game market, SuperScale's clients achieved record profits.

The investment received will enable SuperScale to offer its monetization solutions to even more developers and publishers around the world. Their services also include the innovative "Publishing-as-a-Service" solution, in which SuperScale takes full or partial responsibility for marketing, monetization or LiveOps (updates) of games using the SuperScale platform. Instead of a traditional business model based on flat fees, SuperScale is paid only from the additional profit that games generate as a result, while the game developer retains full ownership of the game itself. From now on, thanks to the extra capital, SuperScale will be able to support even more games under the "Publishing-as-a-Service" solution.

"SuperScale is characterized by an ingenious blend of scalable technology and a quality team, which together create something unique and remarkable. Their business model is innovative, but at the same time healthy, which is ideal in today's economic reality, whether globally or within the gaming business. We are pleased to invest in Ivan and his team at SuperScale, and we consider it a privilege that Across could be a part of this unique opportunity, which is not seen often in our region," said Peter Jakubička, CEO of Across Private Investments.

Michal Csonga, a partner of the Zero One Hundred fund, also expressed his satisfaction with the investment round: "With its data and analytical platform, SuperScale has found a space in the game market, where it brings profit growth for global game studios and publishers. This is an excellent example of how a company from Central Europe can succeed in a lucrative global market thanks to the right combination of local technical talent and excellent market knowledge of its founder. We are thrilled to be a part of this story.”

"The approach of SuperScale is a win for us. We retain the intellectual property of all our brands while they gradually improve and help our titles grow, in return for a share of the profits. The result is record sales from 10-year-old games, which is great," says Ian Marsh, co-owner of the American mobile game development studio NimbleBit, which works with SuperScale on popular games such as Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs.

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Who is behind SuperScale?

SuperScale was founded in 2015 by passionate gamer Ivan Trančík. In 2017, he was joined as a co-founder by director of analytics Alžbeta Kováčová, who brought her skills in building analytics platforms and teams from Ubisoft and Pixel Federation. SuperScale aims to support game developers and publishers on the path to growth through data analysis, game management and publishing services. Under Ivan's leadership, SuperScale increased the player base, and thus the sales for such companies as Electronic Arts (EA) and LEGO. Even before SuperScale, Ivan was part of the successful Slovak startup Exponea, which was bought by Bloomreach in 2021. At the same time, he acts as an advisor and mentor for several startups in the game and technology sector.

About SuperScale

The SuperScale platform currently has more than 20 modules using predictive analytics, monetization, marketing and other services to drive revenue and commercial success for games from studios of all sizes. Since its foundation in 2015, over 150 titles have passed through the company's hands, it has generated over two billion downloads and, in addition to Bratislava, it has a branch in Great Britain and from 2023 also in Poland. SuperScale has worked with leading companies in the gaming industry, such as Electronic Arts, LEGO, Big Fish Games, and BoomBit, and helped them increase the number of players, revenue, and create captivating experiences for players around the world.