Unikátne technologické IT riešenia pre školy vďaka spoločnosti Nexineo


In today's fast-paced world, computer literacy is considered an essential skill. Therefore, it is not surprising that elementary schools already create computer rooms in which students learn.
At NEXINEO, they took care to offer schools, companies and organizations innovative solutions that not only replace traditional computers, but also significantly reduce maintenance costs and keep up with technological developments.

In Nexineo, they created a zero client NEO that works on the client-server principle. This solution eliminates the need for powerful processors, large memory capacities and massive storage in the devices themselves. Everything happens on a central server that is connected to the devices, which are sold as small, unobtrusive NEO units.

In addition to the hardware, the company has developed a special NEXI Board management console for schools, which allows teachers to conveniently control the entire teaching process. Investment in the amount of 1.3 mil. EUR provided in cooperation with Crowdberry enabled the company to make further innovations, for example in the form of the management console NEXI Admin. It will be used for easy management of the Nexineo platform in large organizations, including connection to cloud operating systems such as Microsoft Azure. In addition to technical development, the company also plans to use the provided investment to expand in the V4 region and enter new markets in Western Europe.

In addition to schools, the Nexineo solution is also suitable for companies that often work with demanding applications. This technology also handles graphically demanding tasks, which makes Nexineo an ideal solution for professional users who need fast and reliable access to their applications.

The innovative solutions that Nexineo brings to the market are indisputably a response to the ever-increasing performance and security demands associated with today's digital age.
If you are interested in Nexineo IT solution, its efficiency, the ecological aspect it carries and our investment in the company, see the television broadcast Svet Technológií on TV TA3: